Distracted drivers are a major threat on the road

The dangers that motorists and pedestrians face on Texas roads may be intensified when drivers are distracted. Studies have shown the impact distracted driving has in causing auto accidents that lead to death or injury. One study showed that every day, around nine people die in automobile accidents linked to distracted driving. That same study showed that around 100 people are injured because of distracted driving each day.

There are a number of activities and things that can divert a driver’s attention off of the road. The most common source of distracted driving in the modern era is a person’s cellphone. States have enacted laws outlawing driving while using a cellphone. Still, almost 50% of people in one survey said that they use their phone to check social media, send text messages and chat while they are driving. About 60% of people admitted to using their cellphone at least one time while driving.

The number of distracted drivers may be affected by the technology found in modern vehicles. Touchscreens are common, especially in higher-end vehicles. Customers seem to love having this technology in their vehicle, so it is unlikely that automobile manufacturers will remove this technology because they want to keep their customers happy.

Owing to the devastating effects that distracted driving is having, some car manufacturers are coming up with systems that use a combination of AI and visual intelligence to monitor how a person drives and to alert the driver when they are engaged in practices that might be diverting their attention from the road.

Many car accidents caused by distracted drivers could have been avoided. When a person is the victim in one of these accidents, they may benefit from talking to a personal injury attorney. The attorney may be able to review their case and help identify the negligent party. An attorney may interact with insurance companies and others with the goal of getting their client the compensation due for their injuries.