How to stay safe in winter road conditions

Texas residents who have to contend with wet, icy or snowy roads in winter should consider the following safety tips. After all, everyone is supposed to practice safe driving at all times regardless of how harsh the weather is.

It all starts with limiting the number of trips that one makes. Drivers can easily avoid accidents by simply staying indoors. Assuming that they have to head out, drivers are expected to slow down and keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front. A distance of five to six seconds is recommended; in fact, this can be advisable for any season.

The point of slowing down is to maintain what little traction the tires have. To avoid losing control, drivers should gently and gradually accelerate and brake. Accelerating from a complete stop can be especially tricky, so those who are approaching a traffic light may want to keep some momentum rather than come to a stop. Braking is different when a car is equipped with ABS and with features like EBD and BA, so drivers should know the proper techniques.

Traveling on inclines, drivers should neither accelerate nor slow down. They should ideally get all the forward motion they need on the flat portion. Be cautious when reaching the crest because that’s when oncoming traffic will become visible.

Drivers will be liable for motor vehicle crashes if they were tailgating or traveling too fast for weather conditions. As for those who are injured by a negligent driver, they might need to prove the other’s negligence before they can be reimbursed for their losses. This is just one of the steps in filing a personal injury claim, another being the negotiating of a fair settlement. Victims may consider hiring a lawyer for assistance with these and other steps.