Summer Safety Tips for Your Dog

There’s something about the summer that makes people want to get out of the house and enjoy the outdoors. Summers in Texas, however, can get extremely hot and if you don’t take the proper precautions when outdoors, they can be dangerous. If you plan on taking your pet out to enjoy the summer weather with you, make sure you follow the proper safety tips to keep them cool and comfortable when the heat is on. Just like people can suffer from heat-related illnesses, so can man’s best friend. Some simple training and safety tips can keep your pet healthy this summer.

Summer Safety

Do not leave your pet in your car. During the extreme summer heat, it only takes a small amount of time for your car to turn into an oven. Even if you plan on only being gone for five minutes, on an 85-degree day, it only takes two minutes for the temperatures inside a car to get as warm as 102 degrees. Not only is it illegal in some states to leave your pet in your car, but it is animal abuse. Leaving your dog in the car can lead to dehydration, brain damage, and even death.

Watch the humidity. Not only can warm temperatures affect your pet, but humidity can have an impact as well. Animals pant to evaporate moisture from their lungs. If there is humidity in the air, they have a harder time cooling themselves down, causing their body temperature to skyrocket.

Limit exercise on hot days. Be cautions when exercising your pet. On extremely warm days, if you want to take your dog out for a run, be sure to do it early in the morning, or late in the evening when the temperatures are cooler. Asphalt can get very hot and burn your pet’s paws, so run with them on grass, if possible. Always carry water with you to keep your pet from becoming dehydrated.

Cool your pet from the inside, out. The most important thing to do to make sure your pet doesn’t suffer a heat-related illness is to keep them hydrated. Always make sure they have access to water whether they’re inside or out.

Signs of Heat Stroke

The extreme temperatures of summer can cause your pet to suffer heat stroke. Signs of heat stroke include:

  • Heavy Panting
  • Glazed Eyes
  • Rapid Heart Beat
  • Excessive Thirst
  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting
  • Irritability

If your dog does suffer from heat stroke, move them inside or into the shade immediately. Apply cold towels or ice to their neck and chest. Give them small amounts of cool water. Make sure the water isn’t too cold or it could upset their stomach.

Not only is it important to make sure your dog stays cool during the summer months for their own health and safety, but for the safety of those around your animal. When dogs become hot and dehydrated, they become irritable. When they are irritable, they do not want to be pet and are more likely to lash out towards people they are unfamiliar with.

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