Austin Marathon Road Safety Tips

This past weekend, the city of Austin hosted its annual Half Marathon and Marathon where thousands of runners participated in the races. This year was the 25th anniversary and it came with a unforgettable memory. An elite runner Hyvon Ngetich finished the race by crawling on all fours. Ngetich felt extreme exhaustion after the 23 mile mark. Instead of quitting or accepting help from race officials, she was determined to finish the race on her own.

The Austin marathon takes place annually and is considered a large scale event in Austin. For this reason, automobile and foot traffic is heavier, and streets are closed to accommodate the race. During large scale events such as this, it is imperative to practice extra precaution as pedestrian and as a driver. Roads become more dangerous as traffic is directed and confined to certain streets, congestion takes place, and irritated drivers can become careless on the road. Following these safe driving tips during large events such as this can significantly decrease risks for potential accidents.

  1. Cross at major intersections

If you find yourself needing to cross the race course be sure to cross at designated intersections. Usually, during marathon races traffic officers are stationed at designated intersections to direct the flow of traffic. Always watch the traffic officer carefully and proceed only when you have been given permission to do so.

  1. Watch out for notices

Before a marathon race notifications may be sent out or posted that indicate which streets will be restricted or closed off. If you work or attend school around an area that is part of the race course announcements will probably be made to give you early notice. With this information it is advisable to plan your trips or errands around closed roads.

  1. Drive cautiously

Restricted streets causes heavier flows of traffic and heavier flows of traffic lead to unhappy drivers. Nobody enjoys having to alter the route they take everyday or being trapped in standstill traffic. Some drivers may take their annoyance or anger on other drivers or pedestrians. Cutting other drivers off, refusing to allow people to enter lanes, or driving over the speed limit are just a few of the things to be wary of on the road. During heavily populated events such as marathons, you should always practice extreme caution when on the road.

  1. Restrict your road trips

If possible, it is advisable to avoid the road altogether during heavily populated events. Completing all of your errands they day before or after the race will give you an opportunity to stay off the road on race day. Grocery shopping, picking up dry cleaning, and trips to the gym are all tasks that can be completed on another day. If you avoid the road then you are avoiding distracted drivers, congested roads, and potential automobile accidents.

Marathons, music festivals, and sport competitions are just a few of the events that are regularly held in Austin. These tips can help reduce or completely eliminate road induced stress during events that bring in an influx of people.

If you have been involved in an automobile accident during a large event such as this, please feel free to contact .