Hit by a Car While Walking in Texas? Know Your Rights

Being hit by a car while walking in Texas can be a traumatic and life-altering event. Understanding your rights in such a situation is crucial. Byrd Davis Alden & Henrichson, LLP, a well-established personal injury law firm in Austin, Texas, has over 60 years of experience handling catastrophic injury cases, including pedestrian accidents. We understand the importance of addressing health concerns immediately after an accident and seeking legal advice to understand the nuances of personal injury law.

In Texas, personal injury cases have a statute of limitations of two years, so acting quickly is essential. An experienced pedestrian accident lawyer can help you navigate the complex legal landscape, ensuring your rights are protected and maximizing the likelihood of a favorable outcome. The professional and knowledgeable pedestrian accident attorneys from Byrd Davis Alden & Henrichson, LLP can provide invaluable support in these challenging times. We operate on a contingency basis and offer free consultations, so you don’t have to stress about finances during legal matters.

Can You Take Legal Action After Getting Hit by a Car as a Pedestrian?

If you’ve been hit by a car while walking, you have the right to take legal action against the responsible driver. They owed you the respect and duty of driving responsibly and safely, but failing to do so has resulted in serious injuries. Suppose a driver has failed to follow proper safety protocol, either by ignoring traffic laws, traffic signs, crosswalks, marked roads, speed limits, or other general rules of thumb. In that case, they are responsible for their actions.

While you were not in a vehicle, you can take legal action and receive compensation for your losses. Often, you will be able to receive payment from their car insurance policy. In cases where they do not have insurance or their policy does not adequately cover your losses, you may receive compensation from the responsible party directly. You have the right to hold them accountable for your losses and injuries.

If you need more information about your rights after a car accident, even if you were a pedestrian, we can help. The Texas pedestrian accident lawyers from Byrd Davis Alden & Henrichson, LLP can help explain additional legal rights and laws as they pertain to your circumstances. We can also reduce stress by speaking on your behalf and representing your case during litigation.

What Should You Do After a Car Accident?

Following a car accident, either as a pedestrian or otherwise, you may feel unsure about what steps you should take to protect yourself and your rights. Obtaining fair compensation can be difficult when you take a misstep, so allow us to guide you in the right direction with some of the following recommendations:

  • Seek medical attention as soon as possible
  • Follow your doctor’s recommendations for additional care, including treatment, visits, surgeries or procedures, and therapies
  • Deactivate and log out of social media accounts
  • Avoid discussing legal matters with anyone, including friends and family
  • Organize any evidence you have related to your case
  • Contact the authorities and report the incident, if you have not already
  • Avoid accepting settlements or signing documents from any insurance company, including your own
  • Contact an attorney for support as soon as possible, even before contacting insurance
  • Retain legal support and follow your lawyer’s recommendations for tailored next steps

We can suggest additional next steps once you retain our support, as we know every case is different. You deserve specialized care and attention to ensure you heal and are able to move forward after an accident, especially one that wasn’t your fault. Our Texas pedestrian accident attorneys offers free consultations and works on a contingency basis, so don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible to improve your odds of legal success.

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If you’ve been hit by a car while walking in Texas, it’s vital to know your rights and the steps you can take to protect them. Byrd Davis Alden & Henrichson, LLP, with over six decades of experience in personal injury law in Austin, Texas, is committed to helping you navigate these challenging times. Our team of seasoned pedestrian accident attorneys understands the complexities of pedestrian accidents and is dedicated to ensuring you receive the compensation and justice you deserve. 

Whether it’s dealing with medical bills, lost income, or the pain and suffering caused by the accident, we are equipped to handle every aspect of your case. Reach out to a pedestrian accident lawyer at Byrd Davis Alden & Henrichson, LLP for a comprehensive evaluation of your case. For more information or to schedule your free consultation, complete our contact form or call us at (512) 454-3751. Take the first step toward protecting your rights and securing your future by contacting Byrd Davis Alden & Henrichson, LLP today.