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Austin Rear-End Collision Lawyer

A Brief Summary of the Following Article

  • Rear-end accidents, commonly due to distracted driving or brake issues, can lead to injuries like whiplash and substantial property damage.
  • Victims can seek both economic (tangible losses) and non-economic (intangible impacts) damages after a rear-end collision in Texas.
  • Liability in rear-end accidents can arise from another driver’s negligence or car manufacturing defects.
  • Engaging with a dedicated attorney ensures proper claim handling, timely filing, and effective negotiations with insurance companies, optimizing the compensation received.

When you are driving and another vehicle collides with the bumper of your car, it is classified as a rear-end accident. Unfortunately common, rear-end accidents can be the result of not yielding on time, an abrupt halt due to distracted driving, or even a malfunctioning brake system. Though not as seemingly dangerous as other forms of motor vehicle collisions, rear-end accidents can still result in serious injuries like whiplash, broken bones, fractures, concussions, and pricey property damage. 

If you have fallen victim to a rear-end accident due to another driver’s recklessness, you are entitled to file a personal injury claim with their insurance for financial compensation and restitution. Don’t try to navigate the tricky legal matters of a personal injury claim alone. Instead, like many before you, partner with Byrd Davis Alden & Henrichson, LLP, the oldest personal injury firm in Austin. Our Austin rear-end collision lawyers are prepared to provide our decades of experience and documented successes toward your case and get you one step closer to the compensation you deserve. 

What Damages Are You Entitled to After a Rear-End Accident in Austin, Texas? 

After your rear-end accident, Texas entitles you to recover both economic and non-economic damages for your losses. Economic damages are there for the tangible, out-of-pocket expenses piled up as a direct result of the motor vehicle accident. This will often encompass past, present, and future medical bills, the cost of any required rehabilitation or therapy, any property damage to your car, lost wages from missed work opportunities, and any other quantifiable financial losses. When it comes to future expenditures directly related to your accident, your Austin rear-end accident attorney can help you calculate these costs with a medical professional. 

Non-economic damages are there to address the intangible losses experienced by victims. These include pain and suffering, emotional trauma such as loss of enjoyment of life, scarring or disfigurement, and a diminished quality of life as a result of the rear-end accident. While these damages don’t have a direct monetary value, they represent the real and often profound personal impact of the collision on an individual’s life. In Texas, determining the value of non-economic damages requires a careful evaluation of the overall emotional and physical toll the accident has taken on the victim, often leaning on expert testimonies and comprehensive medical evaluations to ensure a fair assessment is provided and that your needs are met after suffering an accident due to another person or entity’s negligence. 

How Is Liability Established After a Rear-End Accident? 

There are many potentially at-fault parties when it comes to a rear-end accident. The most common example is another driver who has failed to yield or stop on time due to intoxication, speeding, or distracted driving. Other examples, however, include the car’s manufacturer. If your brakes are not working properly or your self-driving vehicle malfunctions and does not allow you to stop on time, your Austin rear-end accident lawyer may be able to help you collect the necessary evidence to file a claim with the manufacturer’s insurance company. 

When establishing liability, your rear-end accident attorney in Austin will do so through negligence. By conducting an immediate investigation into the circumstances surrounding your case, your rear-end accident lawyer in Austin will gather time-sensitive and relevant information to be used as evidence in proving you were owed a duty of care, that the other party breached their care by acting recklessly, and that this directly resulted in your accident, property damage, and injury. 

How a Dedicated Rear-End Accident Attorney in Austin Can Help

Don’t try to handle the aftermath of your rear-end accident without the assistance of a professional. The insurance company is not your friend, and without complex legal knowledge, it’s easy to walk away with a less-than settlement offer or even a dismissed claim due to a missed deadline or shifted blame. Our team of attorneys is here to act as your guide throughout the process, using our resources to collect important evidence and file your claim within the two year statute of limitations deadline. 

We will handle all negotiations and scheduling with the insurance company so you don’t have to worry about a thing. While you concentrate on healing from your injuries, we will demonstrate the full extent of your losses and fight for a settlement worthy of your experience.

Injured in a Car Accident? Schedule Your Free Consultation with Our Rear-End Collision Attorneys in Austin

If you’ve been injured in a rear-end accident in Texas, understanding your rights and the best course of action can be overwhelming. However, with expert guidance, you can confidently pursue the justice and compensation you rightfully deserve.

At Byrd Davis Alden & Henrichson, LLP, we specialize in rear-end collision cases and are well-acquainted with the complexities they entail. Our Austin car accident lawyer boasts a rich history of advocating for victims, ensuring they receive fair compensation for their injuries and trauma caused by another driver’s negligence. Now is the time to champion your rights and well-being. Reach out to the dedicated team of Austin rear-end accident lawyers. For a thorough consultation on your case, please use our contact form or call our Austin office directly at (512) 454-3751.

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