Man seeks compensation after slip-and-fall injury

A Texas man who slipped and fell while attending an event at the University of Houston is pursuing legal action for his damages. He is suing a number of companies involved with maintaining the Cullen Performance Hall at the university, including ACS Flooring Group, ACS Maintenance Solutions, Aramark Solutions and Aramark Confection Corp. The man said that he was injured two years before on October 31, 2016, when he fell after slipping on a substance in the performance hall’s lobby. He says that the companies involved were performing maintenance and renovations in the area when the incident occurred.

In the lawsuit, the man said that the substance he slipped on appeared to be floor stripper being used by the companies as part of maintenance work. He also said that despite the work being done, the companies did not post any signs or put up any barricades directing pedestrians away from the area, which are actions that could have prevented the slip-and-fall accident. He is seeking unspecified monetary damages as well as a jury trial on the claim.

Even seemingly minor incidents can lead to a host of long-term health problems. People can sustain serious head injuries if get a concussion after slipping and falling. Individuals also may break bones or have severe joint injuries and pain after a slip-and-fall. They may find themselves undergoing years of medical care and treatment after this kind of incident.

Commercial properties and businesses have a responsibility to take action when they know or should know that there are dangerous areas on their property. When people are hurt due to an establishment’s negligence, they can take action to seek compensation for premises liability. A personal injury lawyer can help people injured on someone else’s property pursue compensation for their lost wages, medical bills and other damages.

Source: SE Texas Record, “Slip and fall at university performance hall causes man to sustain injuries, file suit,” John Suayan, October 4, 2018