Accidents At Work

About five times as many accident injuries occur each year in the workplace than from car accidents

Work-Related Car Accidents

Car accidents are a leading cause of workplace injuries. The number of vehicles on the roadways and highways increases every year, and many of these cars or trucks are being used for work-related reasons. It is important to understand your legal rights if you are injured in an auto accident while on the job.

Does Workers’ Compensation Cover You?

In many cases, workers’ compensation will cover you. For instance, it applies if:

  • You were in a work vehicle and on the clock
  • You were driving in relation to your work duties

Even if you were not technically at work at the time, but were meeting a customer, making a delivery, heading to an event sanctioned by the company or otherwise traveling in relation to necessary company business, you are eligible for workers’ compensation. However, traveling to and from work at the beginning and end of your shift does not count.

It is important to note that fault does not matter for those in Austin, Texas. Workers’ compensation applies to your injuries regardless of fault.

Your Benefits Have Limits

Do not assume workers’ compensation will be all that you need, as it is limited even when it does pay out. Lost wages are paid at a two-thirds rate. You get nothing for pain and suffering. Even when medical bills get covered, you may still face financial challenges and you may feel like you were never properly compensated.

The answer could be a personal injury lawsuit. If you did not cause that car accident, or if you were not more than 51 percent responsible, you may deserve additional compensation from the other driver. This could address pain and suffering and help to make up for the rest of your lost wages. Does your budget really work without that compensation?

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