Should I Sue Over a Grocery Store Slip and Fall?

Slip-and-fall accidents in grocery stores happen pretty frequently, but the victims often are unaware of their rights to sue. Many victims do not realize the legal responsibility a store has for slip and fall violations. If you slipped and fell in a grocery store, consider thee points on whether or not to sue:

Shopping Injuries are Fairly Common

Slip-and-fall injuries in grocery stores make up a big chunk of all shopping injuries, which in turn create thousands of personal injury claims each year. You may initially feel stupid for falling while shopping for this week’s goods, but you are not alone.

And like the other people injured in grocery store slip-and-fall accidents, you have legal options.

Can Sue Even if Fall Happens Outside

Many grocery stores have slick floors which can make it easy for customers to slip and hurt themselves, even when the floors are dry. However, you do not have to do a faceplant on the linoleum inside a grocery store to sue for slip-and-fall injuries.

Whether it is inside the store or in an adjoining parking lot, a property owner has a duty to maintain a safe environment on his or her property. That means slip-and-fall accidents which occur in the grocery store parking lot, with its poorly paved ground or improper lighting, are just as ripe for suit.

You Don’t Have to Buy Anything to Sue

A grocery store’s legal obligations do not begin upon your successful purchase of any of their items. Your slip-and-fall case with a grocery store is based on negligence, not any contractual relationship between you and the business.

Can Sue for Minor Slip-and-Fall Injuries

You don’t need to go to the hospital to sue for a slip-and-fall injury in a grocery store. Even regular visits to your doctor or continuous pain associated with your fall can be recovered in damages from a slip-and-fall suit. Often harm from a fall may seem more minor than it actually is, especially in elderly or infirm shoppers.

If you’re interested in learning if your slip-and-fall in the grocery store is worth suing over, get your case evaluated by one of our personal injury attorneys. Please contact us today for a free consultation.