Staying safe when sharing the road with trucks

When driving on the highways, you are at an unfortunate disadvantage if involved in a crash with a larger vehicle. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, commercial trucks have large blind spots, long stopping distances and limited maneuverability when operating.

Being a truck driver is not an easy job, as it takes a lot of skill to navigate an 80,000-pound rig through various driving conditions. As a small vehicle driver, it can be scary sharing the road with big commercial vehicles. You may benefit from educating yourself on how to safely share the road with trucks.

Know the no-zones

Referred to as their no-zones, truck drivers have huge blind spots while they are operating the commercial vehicle. You’ll want to slow down or drive ahead to avoid the driver’s blind spot. You may likely be in their blind spot when merging onto a highway.

Passing with caution

Passing incorrectly can be extremely dangerous. Once you are in a passing lane, you’ll want to assess the truck and trailer’s length to ensure that there is enough space to switch lanes. You should see the truck’s headlights in your rear-view mirror before changing into the lane in front of the truck.

Dont cut in

Cutting off other vehicles is always dangerous, but it is especially dangerous when the other vehicle is a truck. If you move in too quickly, you are likely in the driver’s blind spot. Even if they can see you, the driver may not be able to slow down enough to avoid a crash.

Wide turns

As trucks make wide turns, they need extra turning room. You can usually find this warning on the back of the truck.

It is important to be patient when sharing the road with commercial vehicles. One false move can result in a serious accident. Keeping these safety tips in mind can help keep you and others on the road safe.