SunTrust Park beer cooler incident leads to wrongful death suit

Texas residents may be interested to learn that a fatal incident at SunTrust Park, home ballpark of the Atlanta Braves, has resulted in the filing of a wrongful death lawsuit. In June 2018, the man who invented a dispensing system that would reduce the average pour time for beer died while installing this system at SunTrust Park. Working overnight before a game day to install it, he was found in a concession stand beer cooler the following day.

He is survived by his wife and four children. The wife has filed the wrongful death suit against builders and the Atlanta Braves, alleging that her husband’s death could have been prevented. It turns out that the construction crew had received an email alerting them to issues with the stadium coolers’ door release mechanisms. The crew should have also known about any carbon dioxide leaks throughout the system.

Investigators found that the man died of asphyxiation from a carbon dioxide leak. He apparently did not try to open the door or use his cellphone. This may be because the carbon dioxide had disoriented him by that point.

Representatives for the Atlanta Braves have not commented on the matter. The widow is seeking all damages permissible under state law, including damages for loss of support, mental anguish, funeral expenses and the decedent’s pain and suffering.

A case under wrongful death law will likely face strong opposition since the other side will have a legal team fighting to deny wrongdoing. This is why those who wish to file a lawsuit may want to obtain legal representation. A personal injury attorney may help by bringing in investigators to gather proof against the defendant and by striving to negotiate for a settlement out of court. If a settlement cannot be achieved, the plaintiff may decide to take the case to court.