Car Accidents

Car Accidents Every year in the US more than 2 million people are injured

How Does PIP Insurance Work?

Under Texas law, personal injury protection coverage (PIP coverage) must be offered by insurance companies. It helps provide compensation for damages after a car accident.

Who Is Covered?

Anyone in your car. You, your passengers, your family members and anyone else who gets hurt in the accident. The coverage applies regardless of fault.

What Is Covered?

Many different damages may be covered. This includes medical bills, lost income (80 percent) and additional medical costs, like the cost of hiring a caregiver for an injured party.

How Much Is Offered?

Insurance providers must offer $2,500. Most allow drivers to purchase more. Costs can far exceed $2,500 in many accidents, so it is often wise to buy more than just the minimum. Remember, it is there for you and your family.

Can Drivers Reject It?

Yes, but it can only be rejected in writing. If the insurance company does not have your written rejection, you are covered.

Is PIP Enough?

In serious accident cases, it is likely that your costs, including medical bills and lost wages, will exceed the amount available to you through PIP. However, if another driver caused the accident, you may be able to start a civil case to seek full compensation for your damages.

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