The Difference Between Car Accident Claims and Commercial Truck Wreck Claims in Texas

Using your car to commute from place to place—whether from work, to school, or to run errands on the weekends—comes with risk. Even when you are adhering to all of the rules of the road and operating your vehicle responsibly, the negligence of another driver can catapult you into a world of property damage, long-lasting injuries, and unpaid medical bills. 

The identity of the negligent driver can make a big difference when it comes to the outcome of your accident. An accident with another regular motor vehicle follows a pretty normal claims process, but if the accident is the result of a commercial driver you may be entitled to recover more for your accident. To help understand the differences between the two claims and get the most out of your settlement offer, reach out to a knowledgeable personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

Understanding a Car Accident Claim

When you are in an accident on the road due to the recklessness of another motor vehicle driver, you are entitled to file a claim with their insurance company for damages. This process is fairly standard and is best handled by a professional and compassionate attorney. While you focus on resting and recovering from your injuries, they will collect evidence to establish liability and file a claim within the two-year statute of limitations deadline. 

From here, your attorney will negotiate a settlement offer with the insurance company. This will be based on the extent of your losses and percentage of fault. Compensation will ideally cover the full extent of the cost of your accident, including property damage, future medical needs, and any lost wages. 

Understanding Commercial Truck Wreck Claims

Commercial truck wrecks are very different from regular car accidents. For starters, they are statistically more catastrophic in nature due to the inherent size difference between the two vehicles. Injuries sustained from a truck wreck can be long-lasting and require more time, attention, and money to recover from. Additionally, they involve a commercial truck driver, who is a paid professional. 

Truck driving is highly regulated in Texas and across the country. Drivers are drug-tested and required to follow a stringent working schedule that does not allow them to legally drive past a certain number of hours before taking a mandatory break. This is done in an attempt to keep fatigued drivers off the road, though it unfortunately doesn’t always work. When you are in an accident with a reckless truck driver, your attorney can help you file a claim with the negligent party’s insurance. Most commonly, this will be with the trucking company, who is identified as a respondeat superior. This legal term categorizes the employer as being responsible for their staff’s actions. To specifically prepare for this situation, many trucking companies will have large policies in place in the case of an accident.  

Injured in an Accident? Our Firm Can Help Today

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